The Scenario was created to paint the picture of a particular setting where familiar events are likely to occur in our everyday lives. People become so busy with reality that it’s hard to take a step back and simply fantasize something. We are often distracted with so many things that society surrounds us with, but what about just focusing on what’s in front of you?

Cheers To A New Year

December 31st, 11:58 P.M.

Ayo, before we bring in the new year, I just wanted to take a moment to say somethin’ to ya’ll real quick. My brothers, what a hell of a year it was that we just went through. I honestly can’t believe that we actually got through it, but we got through it together, and that means something. We have no family that are out here chasing our dreams with us, so the only people that we could really rely on was each other. This year, I learned that we, the Boltaneers, are in fact our own family.  And just like my man Beanie Sigel once said, “There’s a difference between family and relatives.” What a fuckin’ statement. But what exactly did he mean by that? What is the real definition of what a family truly is? At the end of the day, you can’t define family without having loyalty. But all of these people in this crazy world think that loyalty is something easy to come by. I laugh at those people, because those are the ones who are unable to fully see things through. You don’t think that people have doubts when it comes to loyalty? You don’t think that people wake up thinking that they are being more loyal to their circle of “trust” than their circle is being to them? We all have doubts, that may in fact be our own insecurities, but that still doesn’t mean that one can’t be loyal to one another. 2017 has taught me that despite the ups and downs, the pettiness, the tears, the frustration, the fear, or even the unhappiness, loyalty is about being able to count on your family at all costs. You can not, and I repeat can NOT have loyalty without depending on someone, even if that someone is yourself at the moment. You think Jordan won those rings on his own? You think that Tom Brady would have won that Super Bowl if he didn’t hold himself accountable for his team right in that moment? The answer to both of those questions is “No Fucking Way.” THAT is what loyalty is all about. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, shut the fuck up, and get it done for the sake of the bigger picture. Because the world could be waiting on your greatness and you wouldn’t even know it. You now owe it to the next generation, so don’t ever be selfish. With that said gentleman, I want make a toast, and thank each and every one of you for not quitting on YOUR family. You could have easily walked away, but nobody wins when the family feuds. MY family WILL eat! By ANY means necessary!! Now let’s get this fucking money. Happy New Year Bolt Boyz. Cheers.