The Who Dat Series is something that I look to do to not only highlight creative individuals that inspire me but creative figures that may not be known by the general public that I feel should be! Maybe because of the amount of inspiration that they have provided in my life whether it be creative or just life inspiration but also I feel like when we study greats in fields that are unspecified we in turn can if willing; adopt some of that greatness to our own lives. This weeks artist, I don’t even know if artist is an appropriate definition for this human because his creative scope far surpasses that of most “artists”, is Mel Blanc. If you’re a 90’s baby or late 80’s baby chances are that you grew up with this man not even knowing it. Highly acclaimed in Hollywood as one of the most prolific actors ever, holding far over a thousand screen credits, he’s not the “actor” you may be painting a picture of in your head! Actors are known for their beautifully recognizable faces that grace the screens of Hollywoods biggest motion pictures. My man Mel Blanc, although handsome, was not known for his looks as much as he was known for his unique voice and what he could do with it.
Mel Blanc was a voice actor, if not the best. As I mentioned above the man has over a thousand screen credits and can be referred to as the “Man of a Thousand Voices”. He has voiced far over 400 cartoon characters. One of his most recognized characters, were talking globally recognized, is none other than Bugs Bunny. There’s actually a crazy story out there that talks about a time when Mel was in a coma and somehow on the other side of life was saved by Bugs Bunny! Doctors said that some 14 days after his injury and being induced into a coma they struck something deep within Mel’s mind and brought him out of his coma state. The doctors began talking to Mel as if he was Bugs Bunny. Doctors said ““Bugs Bunny, how are you doing today?” To which he responded “Myeeeeh. What’s up doc?” Hahaha could you imagine?! For a man to be so deeply connected to his creations that it brings him out of a coma. Crazy. I’ve always been a big fan of cartoons and animation and the time Mr. Blanc aided as the voice to so many great characters is in my opinion the golden age of toons.

In 1985, he described his creative efforts: ”What we tried to do was amuse ourselves. We didn’t make pictures for children. We didn’t make pictures for adults. We made them for ourselves.” What a boss! Rip to ya Mel.