Top 5 Lowkey was created to showcase the women on Instagram who we feel should have a little more shine. There are so many beautiful ladies around the world that you can see in the palm of your hand that many are overlooked. Forget about the ones that every guy in life wants to take a shot at. What about the girl that you see everyday that has 10k followers or less?


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Okay so we definitely need to show Ms. Ollie some love before she blows up and becomes too poppin’ to be on this list (she’s super close to 10k!). Hmm, where do I start with Ollie? I guess the real question is where do you start with any girl that catches your eye? Is it Ollie’s dark hair? Is it her dark brown eyes? Or is it the fact that she’s a fucking boss? Let’s take a look at that bio and find out: she’s a blogger, a coffee ambassador, and she’s a European (thank you Serbia) fashion model? Yeah, she definitely has my attention. I gotta tell ya, there’s nothing like seeing a girl on Instagram who’s handling business because of her Instagram. Some people look down on chicks who may sell tea or coffee to get a paycheck, but not me. Do u remember when social media wasn’t as prominent as it is now and people weren’t making ANY money off of their content? Well I do and I don’t miss those days. I often ask myself if I could ever actually date a chick who makes a living off of her looks via social media, but then I think to myself, why not? Especially when girls like Ollie actually have a dope page to look at! Anyways, I love how her pictures have this warm feel to them. It makes me think that I would enjoy a nice cup of tea followed by an amazing conversation about life itself on a cloudy cozy day, looking out on a balcony somewhere in San Francisco. Or Paris. Or New York….ya’ll feel what I’m saying no need to keep going. She’s so sexy, yet so reserved. I love that about her. Trust me, I love to see a girl in a nice swimsuit just like the next guy, but it is very attractive to me when girls know how be a little more creative with displaying their beauty. Ollie, I must say that Europe is sadly too far away for this guy, but I’m sure that there are guys that are already lined up waiting to get a chance with you from Europe to California. And I don’t blame them. There’s just something about Ollie.



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(Sigh) Man I’m pissed. I’m not pissed pissed. Just pissed. Its like a positive kind of pissed. I’ll explain in a second. Let’s get rid of the “pissed” part and break down the positives. Positive #1: Brianna is a beautiful black queen. Positive # 2 Brianna is in college. Positive # 3: She plays volleyball, which means that she’s most likely tall. I love tall women; 5’11 and I’m in heaven….for real though. Positive #4: Brianna is “Sensational” as she has stated in her first post where she posed in this stunning red dress.  Definitely won’t argue with that. Wait hold up, Positive #5?!!: She’s from Dallas, TX (Aaalready)! If ya’ll didn’t know, I was raised in the South and a lot of the morals that I’ve grown up on have never left me. So in a weird way I often feel like I’m going to end up dating a girl who grew up the same way. You gotta go there to understand fellas, trust Dray. Oh and another thing I wanted to add: I don’t know if Brianna does modeling as a side hustle, but she definitely should! Yo, have you ever looked at a chick’s page and been like “damn did she take these pics with her phone?? Like, damn my n**ga this shit looks fake!” No fellas, that’s real. That’s a little message from God that says you need to stay on top of your shit if u want to make that boyfriend and girlfriend thing with a girl like that become a reality. But then, I looked at something that I saw that I wish wasn’t real. Something terrible. Something atrocious. Something hard for me stomach knowing damn well that a guy like me would have to deal with this if I ever dated her. Back to me being pissed: I saw a picture of her in a Laker’s jersey. U know what, I’m not pissed anymore actually. Sorry for the mixed emotions everyone. As I was typing this out, I noticed a picture of Brianna on the beach in a red swimsuit and suddenly realized that Kobe Bryant really is my favorite player after all. Incredible. I don’t believe that this has ever happened before. Hey it might be cliché for me to say, but I’m definitely learning with age that if the positives weigh out the negatives, then just go with it. Welp, time to head to the Staple Center! You wear the Home jersey I wear the Away? Lol. Much love to Ms. Brianna!



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Toronto has always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit, and it’s not because Drake and The Weeknd put the city on. Okay maybe it’s a SMALL reason but not the whole reason. The real reason of why I want to visit the 6 is actually because of the beautiful former video model Melissa Ford who, like Drizzy, is also from Toronto. One day she was on a podcast talking about how stunning the women are in Toronto versus other places that she has been. One thing that she said while discussing this topic that I will always remember was the reason of why the women are so beautiful there. She stated that it’s because of the amount of diversity that the city has to offer. I remember her saying that “You can easily find a girl who is German and Ethiopian where I’m from”. When I heard German and Ethiopian, I knew that I had to go there one day to see these beautiful women for myself. Can you imagine if you walked up on a girl who was Cuban, Jamaican, French, and Portuguese? Can you just imagine for a second of what she would look like?? Well, thanks to Instagram, you don’t have to imagine. And thanks to me, you don’t have look any further. Meet Kali. The girl that will convince you that living in that cold ass northern weather isn’t so bad after all. I was scrolling through her page and saw that she is pretty passionate about being healthy and it made me think: health conscious chicks are probably my favorite at this point in my life. I need to know that you care about yourself, and how you take care of your body is apart of that. Damn, Kali has everything. Curls, curves, charisma, and she loves to travel? Easy decision for the kid over here. I write about a lot of different types of girls on T5L but it’s rare where I say to myself, I could actually see us going on a lil’ date in real life. I usually just like to admire from afar, but Kali would definitely make me clear my weekend schedule if she ever came to visit me. We could start the morning at the gym or at Runyon Canyon, eat some Jamaican food for lunch, and end the day watching the sunset at Point Doom in Malibu. And I can’t forget about having lots of Polaroid pictures being taken throughout the day to keep for myself when she flies back North. Kali, come to Cali one of these days. It could be a hell of an adventure.


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I’m not sure if any of you guys realized this, but there are certain states in America where I feel like there is an abundance of beautiful women. When guys want find a bad chick on the Gram, most look at the biggest cities, which is understandable. Over the years, I’ve noticed that a beautiful woman could come from anywhere. Beauty is beauty ya know? But I do feel however, that girls from the overall state of Florida are some of the baddest in the nation. If you don’t believe me then take a look at Carina. I mean come on man. Ms. Carina is from Boca Raton, FL and looks like she loves to have a lot of fun. It seems like a lot of girls from Florida have this “party edge” to them, which is sometimes good for a guy like me who likes to stay in his shell and work. It’s good to have a balance in life. Fellas, close your eyes and imagine if you were living in Florida, dating Carina. It’s a beautiful morning, you’re in your high rise condo, and you’re on your laptop chiming away at all the work that you have to do in order for you to continue to live in that high rise condo. Meanwhile, Carina walks past you in the living room in a pair of boy shorts and her favorite t-shirt that she took from your closet. She says your name once and you look up into her hazel puppy dog eyes while she gives you a slight smile. There’s no way in hell that you’re going to just ignore that. I’m automatically closing my laptop and going into boyfriend mode. Carina didn’t have that many pictures, but I feel like that’s the reason why I chose her for this month. It’s because she doesn’t need a bunch of them. Hot chicks are everywhere, but Carina is so fine that she doesn’t even have to be your type for her to grab your attention. One picture that did stick out to me was a picture that she took where she had an “In-N-Out” shirt along with another beautiful woman. Well, if you read the caption, you will find that this beautiful woman happens to be her mom. Fellas, if you ever had any concerns about what a chick may look like when she gets older, always look at her mom. In this particular case, I ain’t got no worries (*Lil Wayne voice)! Now this has me guessing how the age of both of them…hmm. Either way, Carina seems like she comes from a beautiful family inside and out, and that’s definitely something that guys should consider when choosing someone to date. Maybe Florida could actually be a place worth moving to once I retire despite the hurricanes. We’ll see. Just keep doing you Carina. You’re so perfect at it.




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Okay so there’s this girl that I found named Alanna. I actually found her through last month’s T5L Kayla’s profile. Kayla has way too many fine friends by the way. Once I found out that they were acquainted with each other then I knew I had to write about her. So I’m just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through her page (she has a lot of pics) and I saw a picture of a guy that looked like he stood about 6’8 and works out religiously. Then I saw a couple of heart emoji’s followed by kind words in the caption and quickly put the clues together; she has a boyfriend fellas! I usually feel weird writing about girls who are in a relationship, but this time I felt like I needed to. Some guys may take this as me being a troll, but Alanna made the T5L list this month for a different reason. Not only is she gorgeous, but she really loves her man! I’ve been through a lot in my life that makes me feel like I could never trust women, so when I see a couple on social media who truly admire each other, it gives me faith that one day that could be me in one of those pictures. The one post that caught my attention was a picture that she posted of her man with a caption that read “My motivation. Always pushing me and letting me know that I’m worth more than I really think I am. Everything I do is for him.” That last part though?? That’s what got me. We millennials are often labeled as being selfish, which in my opinion could stem from a number of reasons. One being that so many of our parents got divorced when we were kids, so we don’t want the same situation to happen to us when we start our own families. But this people, is what real love between two people is all about. Staying focused on what matters, on who matters the most to you, and excelling to the next chapter in your life with that person. I think that guys can look at a girl like Alanna and say to themselves, “What will it take for a girl to say something like that to me?” Women do want security from a man, but a guy wants to be able to trust his lady in order to continue to instill that security. And if you make your man feel like your superhero he will come to your rescue every time. In that case, I think we can all learn a thing or two from Alanna and her boyfriend. Props to you my dude!