Top 5 Lowkey was created to showcase the women on Instagram who we feel should have a little more shine. There are so many beautiful ladies around the world that you can see in the palm of your hand that many are overlooked. Forget about the ones that every guy in life wants to take a shot at. What about the girl that you see everyday that has 10k followers or less?


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Okay I want to start off this edition of T5L with saying this: Usually when I’m making a decision on who should be on the upcoming T5L list, I try to find something about their looks that are attractive yet unique. This time, I did find a girl who caught my attention because she was obviously beautiful, but it was some of the other post that I found that made me say to myself, “Fuck how she looks, I wonder how she thinks.” I had to write about her. Kayla is from New York, just like last edition’s T5L lady @georgiavee, so you know how much I love girls from the east coast. One of the first post that stood out to me as I was scrolling through was a picture that she posted back in February. It was a picture of two light switches and text next to the light switches that read “How To Be Dope As Fuck”. While there was one of the light switches that was labeled “Ego” and the other was labeled “Soul”, you could see a hand turning off the “Ego” switch while the “Soul” switch stayed on. There is nothing that turns me off more than seeing a woman with her nose in the air, so I love when people continue to strive to humble themselves while having a sense of character. A girl like that automatically deserves a date from a true gentleman. Another picture that Kayla posted that low key motivated me was a picture that read “Life is only as good as your mindset.” What a statement. I love when I see a woman who knows that she is the one who is in charge of her own destiny. We often do not hold ourselves accountable for things that happen in our lives because we simply can’t just walk around with a mirror in front of us all day. Its nice when I feel like a woman internally knows herself. It makes you think that a date with a girl like Kayla would be exhilarating. Follow the Sicilian Goddess and take her somewhere special for the kid if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to.




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Fellow Boltaneers: As you know, the holiday season has officially arrived! Which means that I will more than likely gain some weight! Well, not anymore, since I’m Vegan (Almost 3 months!). But for a lot of people, this is definitely the case. It does not however, seem like this will be the case for Ms. Angeline. She seems to be really focused on her health, fitness goals, and her engineering degree. I wonder what company she wants to work for, or if she has some type of incredible innovative idea in the works. Its fair to say that due to Angeline going so hard in the paint with life itself, you might have to strategize your game plan bruh. I go to the gym about four to five days a week and use to be a student in college so I know what that day to day grind looks like. But for her to have a well put together health inspiring Instagram on top of all that? Pssh. Fellas, I would say that if you want a shot at Angeline, you’ll have to either get on her level or be beyond it. From the looks of her profile, she seems very outgoing, which could be both a negative and a positive for some guys. I feel that it could be a negative only because some guys want a girl like Angeline, but isn’t willing to take the actions to keep her interested. I myself believe that the right guy would go crazy over her, especially if he’s as independent and focused as she is. Once he has her attention, her infectious smile based on how he makes her feel will have definitely been worth the wait.




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Briana Cortney. A.K.A. Ms. MakeYouForgetAboutTimeItself Cortney. I was so happy to see that she had JUST under 10k followers so that I could compliment her on our Boltcast platform before the rest of the world does. Briana is from New Orleans, and if ya’ll don’t know by now, it is damn near a fact that the south has the most beautiful group of women. I feel like part of the reason that she caught my attention was her high taste level of fashion. I’ve always said that money looks better on girls than it does on guys because women have infinite choices of what they could wear. If I had the money and I was dating Briana, I know that I would have to speak to my financial advisor before I get too excited. She looks amazing in every picture that I scrolled through. Imagine how many shoes, bags, jewelry, jeans, and makeup that you wouldn’t think even twice about buying for her. That’s not including all of the hair and nail appointments either. I personally don’t know Briana and she may be the most independent woman on earth, but who wouldn’t want to give this girl a gift just for the hell of it? I don’t even like septum rings that much but she made that shit seem like it should be my main preference from now on. Its hard to tell who Briana actually is in real life, but from afar I could at least say that I wouldn’t mind stepping out of my comfort zone to find out. Whenever you’re in New Orleans, don’t hesitate to buy Briana and her friends a couple of frozen daiquiris if you catch em’ on Bourbon St.


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Ever since I’ve started this whole Top 5 Lowkey thing, I’ve realized that no matter how much investigating that I do to try to write a piece on whoever I decide to write about, I’ll never truly know what these women are like. I do feel like however, that Instagram can be looked at as an individual’s personal digital magazine, especially when you select the single column setting on someone’s profile. I also love finding out what people’s passions are from not only their bio, but their pictures as well. I can’t stand when I see someone claim an occupation but their Instagram shows nothing that has to do with their real life. Dre Ngozi appears to be living her true passion as a DJ, Artist, Model, and Health Practioner. I wanna say that Dre is from Toronto, but I’m not too sure. Wherever she is, I’m sure that her Serato and MacBook are always by her side. I’m a huge fan of music, so its always attractive when I’m able to expose how much of a hip hop nerd I am to someone that I think is cute. It’s always the best icebreaker. And I don’t know if its just me, but sometimes I think that perception on social media can be a good thing at times! It kind of ties into the personal magazine thing that I just mentioned. Some people are so great at creating this perception of themselves online, that u fanaticize of what they might actually be like. And in Dre’s case, there’s just something about her pictures that just makes me believe that she’s not boring! Who knows, I could be wrong. But if I am, she takes some amazing pictures for being so shy. Even if she is shy, something about her makes you want to go on that second or third date. It’s kind of cool that the older I’ve become, the more I’m able to take a good look at a girl and ask myself exactly what attracts me to her other than it being based solely on her looks. If I ever run into Dre Ngozi at some album release party, I’ll definitely have to ask her on a date. A date that involves a crazy city adventure, her favorite playlist, and a camera of course. You’re so dope Dre Ngozi.




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Aight let’s go ahead and clap for the fact that this beautiful young lady is a Dallas Cowboys fan! Even though Jerry Jones has me looking at him sideways over the whole “Kneel” deal, I still think that its sexy when you and your girl can not only watch football together, but be a fan of the same team too?! If I was her man she’s definitely getting a custom stitched jersey with her name on it along with a nice bottle of perfume by month 3, no question. A nice dinner on Saturday, and the Cowboys vs. Giants on Sunday with bae? Yes, yes, and a YES! Another thing that I admired about Ms. B Love is that she is an artist! Like an artist artist. Like, putting on her own art show type of artist. She even has a cool name for it, “Pancakes and Booze”, two things that I’m curious of what they would taste like if you ate them at the same time. I didn’t find many pictures that involved her own work, but I feel like she’s still passionate about art itself. The gram is cool and all, but sometimes I think that its great when people don’t run to put everything on social media right away and find other avenues to showcase their talents . One other thing that I liked a lot about B Love was that she has a beautiful smile, but her little mean mug that she does in some of her pictures is super sexy. Usually I’m not a fan of that because I assume that the girl acts that way in real life, but not this time. It’s not quite a full on mean mug, but just enough to make you mad enough that you aren’t getting her phone number at the club. I’m not too sure if she has a boyfriend, but we all know that cuffin’ season is in full effect. To all of the fellas in Austin, Texas, stop by B Love’s art showcase on November 4th and show this lovely lady some support! We all have dreams that we want to see come true.