For this weeks Who Dat I wanted to highlight one of my favorite graphic artists. Much more than a graphic artist, Fergus Purcell, has for quite sometime been at the head of illustrating and designing graphics for some of your favorite skate and streetwear brands. Heavily influenced by the things that touched him deeply as a young boy the man’s artist name “Fergadelic” is a testament to this exact concept with it being inspired by the 1970’s psych funk band Funkadelic. Originally connected to the skate seen through the well known Slam City Skate shop Ferg got his first go at making graphics for their house brands Silas back when he was in high school. After all these years he still stays rooted in making amazing clothing and t-shirt graphics. I hate how little of this mans work and information on him that I am able to find. He is one half of the dope ass womens brand Aries and has helped Lev Tanju create not only the Palace brand logo but the graphic identity that the brand is slowly becoming recognized for. I really like the work he did for Marc Jacobs when they created a range of motorcross inspired clothing but in general I love this mans work and aesthetic!