John Higby is quite the creative. For me personally I love all kinds of creation no matter what the medium is. As humans we have the unique opportunity whether we realize it or not to create and in so create and be creative in as many ways as possible. Everybody, no matter who they are has most likely heard of a yo-yo at some point in their lives. It’s a fun toy and that’s usually about it for the concept of what’s capable from the instrument. Unlike many, John didn’t see that. Becoming a professional yo-yo entertainer was just one of many steps John would take to becoming the overall creative and cool guy he is. Not only is he a professional yo-yo-er but he is a professional entertainer and an amazing artist. He is a mixed media artist. From custom painting yo-yo’s with an airbrush, to making custom trophies for yo-yo competitions, he does it all. He built his son a custom bed embellished in his original art. Below are a few examples of his work that I have in my personal collection but there’s a lot to see from this guy. Head over to his website and check his Instagram as well to see more of his original art and pics from his world tour!